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Do you reside in Houston? This is one of the most populous cities in all of Texas. It also contains many of the best doctors and medical centers in the nation, many of which can help with hundreds of different conditions. If you believe that you have a sexually transmitted disease, it’s actually very easy to find a company that can help you determine whether or not you have one of these conditions. This is how you can find Houston STD HIV testing and quickly ascertain what type of STD that you have, if any, and get the proper treatment.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases That You May Have

Although you have probably heard of some of the more common STDs such as herpes, gonorrhea or syphilis, there are many others that are just as easy to get by having unprotected sex with partners that already have this condition. Some of them can actually reside within a person for many years, which means someone that you may actually have known for quite some time may actually be a carrier for some of these diseases without knowing what they have. Most of the time, however, when people contract one of the sexually transmitted diseases, they are having quite a bit of unsafe sex with partners they do not know, upping the odds of developing one of these diseases.


Symptoms You May Notice

There are quite a few symptoms associated with having one of these diseases, and it is possible that you may have more than one. Symptoms that are often overlooked can include flulike symptoms such as having a stomachache, having a fever, or simply feeling under the weather. The more noticeable ones are discharges from your penis or vagina, insatiable itching, a burning sensation, or the development of warts on the bottom of your genitals. All of these are signs and symptoms of potentially having a sexually transmitted disease, and if you notice them, it’s time to get tested area

Testing Centers In Houston

Once you are able to get online, do a simple search for Houston STD testing centers. Several will pop up, along with their location in the city provided by the maps associated with the local listings. Do a quick overview of the ones that are closest to you, and start making some calls. You can usually get an appointment within a couple days of calling, allowing you to get the testing that you need so that you can show your doctor the results, and potentially treat any of the STDs that you may have.

Although it is possible that you may have a sexually transmitted disease that does not currently have a cure such as HIV-AIDS, most of them can be treated, and even eliminated from your body, if you are able to get to a physician early enough. Do yourself a favor if you have the slightest inclination that you have one of these conditions. Get tested, talk to your local physician, and get the treatment that you need right away.

Nov 28

Bridging loans are short term loans with high interest rates that are used to cover gaps in business and real estate situations. They can be large enough to take over a current loan, such as buying out the mortgage on one piece of property, or as an addition to another loan to make due until better financing is available. My good friends from EuroGuide bridging loans have been doing this for years. They know the risks of the loan and will help you understand them well. For example, the fees per month can add up quickly and there are often penalties that can stack onto the total cost of the loans, often triggering for repaying the loan too quickly. Given their high risk, yet minimal requirement nature, they often fall into less regulated territory, which means they prone to being sources of debt for the unprepared.

Many new home owners fall into the trap of using a bridging loan.


The real estate market can be one of the most unstable markets for investments. Property values can plummet and fluctuate over night. People are often lured into getting a bridging loan by fear of loosing the new home they have in mind. The problem arises when they take out a bridging loan to cover the cost of the new home, and take the chance that the old home will sell for what they need it too. Many fail to realize the risks involved and at times are stuck with costly monthly payments when it takes longer than expected to sell the old property. Some are even hit with penalties for paying off the bridging loan too quickly when the property sells as expected. As with any type of loan, borrowers should be sure to read and understand all the fine print.

Bridging loans are also used by businesses for acquisitions.

In the world of business, some companies will make use of bridging loans to help cover expenses in transitional periods and when acquiring expansions. Common examples are when the business drops right after a founding partner leaves, to help cover costs until profits resume. Another example is when a larger corporations uses one to secure a new company that they wish to add to their holdings, and want to ensure the purchase is made without having to wait for the release of funds. These carry similar risks to when new home owners utilize them.

The lack of regulation in most territories allows the companies offering them to set steep fees.

With interest rates often being double that of a standard loan, the monthly costs of holding a bridge loan can mount quickly. They are not intended to be long term solutions, though some also carry repayment penalties if they loan is repaid too quickly. This sort of system allow these bridge loan companies to profit tremendously off of corporations and individuals. Often the details of the fees are buried within convoluted contracts and they are marketed to take advantage of individual’s worries and fears. In many countries, it is rare to not hear of formal lending parties advising against most bridging loans. While not all companies that offer them are corrupt, it is strongly advised that the contracts they offer be thoroughly reviewed before being accepted.

Nov 16

Have you ever thought about creating your very own website? Perhaps you have wanted to do this for quite some time in order to sell your products on the web, but you have hesitated thinking that it was much too difficult to accomplish. You could be working with a very limited budget, one that will not permit you to spend more than $100 on your efforts to create a website of your very own. Fortunately, even if you have only $10 to spend, you can actually create a website in as little as a day. This misconception that creating a website can be expensive is one that many people have, but as you will soon see, you can create your very own blog or website for just a few dollars. Here is how I was able to create my very own profitable website, marketing products as an affiliate, that took less than a few hours to complete. By following these simple steps, you can replicate my success, and create a site that can generate online revenue for you this year.

Where Should You Begin?

As with any journey that you embark upon, understanding your starting point is the first-ever the process. The first step that you need to take is determining what type of website that you want to build, specifically choosing the products that you want to market. Whether you would like to sell physical products that you can generate commissions from as an affiliate for Amazon.com, or if you would like to sell digital products, perhaps one that you have personally made, you can also do this from a website or blog. Once you know what you want to do, you can complete the first step by purchasing your very own domain. Although some people will choose to create a free blog on one of the many free blogging platforms such as Blogger, SETT or Ghost, the only way that you will achieve top rankings for the posts that you make on your blog with the products that you want to sell is by hosting your own blog instead. Therefore, you need to go to a domain registrar such as Namecheap, Name.com or GoDaddy, and simply purchase one of those domains using the promo codes that they offer to buy one for as little as one dollar.

Getting Web Hosting

The next step of the process is actually a little more difficult, but it will only take you about 30 minutes. You can also find promo codes that will allow you to get web hosting service for as little as a penny or for free. One of the hosts that will do this is Hostgator. A good Host Gator coupon code can save you a ton of money. This discounted price typically only lasts for your first 30 days before you are rebilled for the regular retail price. However, this allows you to save money upfront as you are creating your website, money that you can invest in other areas. The process of getting web hosting is as simple as choosing a package, paying for that package, and following the instructions in the emails that they will send you. You will simply have to connect your domain with the web host that you have chosen so that you can begin building your website.

Adding WordPress To Your Website

Your website can be done in one of a couple ways, though most people today choose WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform that can be added in about two minutes from the control panel of your web hosting company, a platform that will allow you to make posts, pages, and use a specific theme that will create the appearance of your website that visitors will see when they arrive. You can also do many other things with this blogging platform including automate the posts that you make. Once you have made all of the internal configurations, you will be ready to create your website. Whether you decide to add products individually, or links to products on articles that you post, the choice is up to you. If you want to easily index each post and page that you place on your blog, more content is always recommended. You can schedule these posts to occur in intervals using the handy scheduler within the WordPress control panel. After spending a couple hours purchasing your domain, your web hosting, configuring your blog and creating your content, it will literally be a set and forget website that will let some point start earning you money.

Rinse And Repeat

The reason that people create websites is to multiply their efforts to generate sales online. The tips that we have provided in regard to not only creating your website, but automating it, will make it possible for you to create multiple businesses, all of which will be on the same web host. All you will have to do is purchase new domains in different niches, and target completely different products. By spending just a few hours a day to create new websites, you can literally create a multitude of businesses with only a few hours of your time. Most people that decide to go into Internet marketing, or to create a website to sell products or services on the web, understand that replication and speed are the key to generating an ever-growing residual income. When you are able to multiply your efforts in such a way, you can literally begin to make your income grow by spending very limited amounts of time with this simple system for creating niche websites that can help you generate money each and every month.

This is how I was able to create not just one website, but multiple websites, each of which was created using only a few hours of my time. Some of them are more profitable than others, and your success will depend upon how easily the pages will rank on the search engines, and the types of products that you sell. If you have a few hours to spare each week, you can create a new website very easily targeting different products and niches. Using the tips that we have provided for saving money on your domain and your hosting, you will be able to create many of these even if you have a very limited budget.

Oct 24

Are you in the process of building your first home? There is nothing quite as exciting as building your very first home. There will be many decisions to be made but once the home has been constructed you can enjoy those decisions for a lifetime. One of the questions that many homeowners have is whether it is better to purchase stock home plans or custom plans. This is a very good question and you will need to do a bit of personal research to come up with the best answer for your family.

As mentioned earlier, in the beginning, the process of deciding to build a new house will require a variety of important decisions such as where the home will be built, the type of home to build, and the materials that will be used for the home. The decisions and choices that a homeowner will make our endless. Many of these decisions will require additional research so that a wise decision can be made.

The House Plan Shop‘s that offer stock house plans which can provide many benefits for homeowners who are building their first home. One of the primary goals that many homeowners have when building their first home is to get everything that they desire. This is called the dream home syndrome.

The truth of the matter is that the homeowner will have to make a lot of compromises because of various factors such as budget, site location, and building available materials. When purchasing a stock house plan, the homeowner will soon realize that it is a relief to have some boundaries pre-established. This will be one of the benefits that a homeowner has over a custom home design. Here’s a few custom designs I ran across on youtube.

A simple stock house plan will not necessarily contain detailed blueprints. A normal stock house plan will contain everything that a builder will need to build you a quality home. A stock home plan can be purchased by one of the many companies that have offices in your city or location and they can also be purchased online. When you purchase a stock plan via the Internet you will receive all of the details and information that is necessary for you to not only build the home but what it will cost to build. There will be nothing left to chance when purchasing an online stock house plan.

When you are considering the advantages of a stock house plan over a customized plan, you will notice some of the following items. Stock home plans are always pre-designed house plans that have all of the most demanded features that homeowners are seeking for their new home. Many of these features include things such as the number of rooms, the layout of the floor plan, the square footage of the entire house, and many of the more popular amenities.

When you purchase a well-designed stock house plan from a reputable company you will receive a plan that will help you to save both money and time. These plans will conform to any of the residential codes and they will include information about gravity loading calculations and being specifications when necessary. All other important details will be included in a stock house plan so that you can easily obtain a building permit.

One of the first benefits to purchasing a stock house plan is that it is more affordable than a custom house plan. When you build a custom home can be very expensive. One of the reasons why a custom home is so expensive is because of the high cost of design and development of the actual house plan. The advantage over a stock house plan is that the design and development process have been completed and therefore you will not need to pay additional amounts of money to any agency to help design your home. Therefore, the bottom line is that a stock house plan is an effective way to save money when building your home.

The other advantage to a stock house plan is that it will save you a lot of time. It takes a tremendous amount of time to design a custom home plan because of all of the details that the homeowner and the designer need to discuss. A stock house plan is ready to go and you can start building your home immediately after the plan has been approved by your local municipality.

One of the other advantages to a stock house plan is that because it is already drawn you can spend your extra time meeting with tradesmen who will be responsible for many aspects of your new home. You will not need to spend countless hours going over design details with your custom house designer. This will save you not only a lot of time but a lot of frustration. Because these stock house plans have previously been approved by architects and engineers, you can have the reassurance that the building will be structurally safe and sound.

Another big advantage to using a stock house plan is that you will have a better opportunity when you decide to resell your home. A stock house plan utilizes layouts that are desired by the majority of people and therefore the potential is higher for finding a future owner. While a custom home design can be thrilling and exciting it may also be extremely unique when it comes to the average homeowner’s taste. This will make the resale of a custom home a lot more difficult.


The bottom line is that Stockholm plans have a better reputation and have proven over the years to be more popular and affordable. The variety of styles that Stockholm plans offer can range from your traditional Cape Cod home to a simple rustic rancher. There is a huge variety to choose from and this will allow you the ability to pick the home that is perfect for your family.

There is a lot of excitement when a homeowner decides to buy a stock house plan and build his new home. Therefore, if you want to save yourself some money and some of your valuable time visit one of your local stock house plan companies or go online and visit a reputable company of your choice.

Oct 14

I have been looking a lot into financial competence lately, because it is much better than having to give everyone advice. You should be able to make financial decisions on your own. I have found an amazing infographic for what constitutes people with better financial competence.


Oct 10

One of the most important things that a consumer can do is look for ways to save money. A person may have a certain product in mind that they would like to purchase, and would like to get it at the lowest price. As they do price comparison shopping on the web, they may notice that several stores will be priced much higher than others for the same exact items. However, there will be a choice few retail companies that are able to sell the same product for a substantially lower price. There is a reason that some companies are able to not only sell products at a lower price, but make more money when the price point is significantly lower. This article will discuss the difference between wholesale versus retail pricing and why it can help consumers save money every year.

What Exactly Are Retail Prices?

When you go to a regular store in order to buy groceries, merchandise, or even purchase a vacation on the web, you will notice that, the more that you look, that the same exact items can be purchased at much lower prices at some of the stores that you find. And as you look a little further, and you compare all of the prices that they sell merchandise for with the same companies, regardless of the products they are selling, certain stores can sell items for less. What your research will lead you to is the understanding that the larger the story is, the lower the prices will be. An example of this would be going to a national store like Wal-Mart and, no matter what product you want to buy, it will almost always be for a lower retail price than you can find at any other store online or off-line. Why is this? How is it possible that a larger national store can actually offer products for much lower prices? The answer is found in understanding wholesale prices.

Wholesale Prices Overview

If you have ever owned your own business, you know that when you purchase products from a manufacturer, or a main distributor, the prices that you pay will be significantly lower than the prices that you will sell your merchandise for. This is a standard across the board, regardless of the country you’re in, or the product you are selling. In order to make a profit and run your business efficiently, you must always sell the products that you buy at wholesale prices for a higher price retail. In fact, every business works in the exact same manner. The question is not why we buy wholesale goods at wholesale prices. The question is how is it possible that some companies are able to sell their products for retail prices at almost the same price that they buy the merchandise? The answer is found in the concept of volume. A store like Wal-Mart, or Target, is able to buy thousands of items at a time which means that they legally can purchase all of those products for substantially less than someone who is not buying at the same volume or level. For instance, if Wal-Mart decides to buy Cuisinart blenders, if they purchase 1000 of them, they can always purchase them for far less than someone who owns a smaller business that is only purchasing 10 or 20. Their ability to buy large quantities of each product that they have in their store allows them to not only get a better wholesale price, but it also allows them to sell their products a lower price and still profit because they have so many stores to sell these items at. The sheer volume of sales that they will make each and every year from these products allows them to earn billions of dollars in profit, opposed to the few thousand dollars that a smaller store will make with the same exact merchandise. Also, small online re-sellers that buy things such as, handbags wholesale, can make massive profits from price points. Now how can you use this information to help you save even more money as a typical consumer looking for the best deals?

How Volume Wholesale Pricing Can Save You Money

When you go to a large retailer, you now know that the prices that they charge are just above what they pay when they purchase the merchandise wholesale. The way that you can save money is by comparing all of the other stores that are of comparable size that are selling the same type of merchandise. Moreover, by searching on the Internet and looking at websites like Amazon.com, you can save even more money because Amazon, and sites similar to it, or not paying the overhead involved with running a traditional business. Amazon does have employees that stock their warehouses, and ship their products. But it does not have checkers in check stands that are doing business transactions with customers coming into a store. Amazon does not have to pay for the heating of the building that is being used to house the merchandise, or the rent and other bills associated with running one of these superstores. Online websites are able to bypass what most stores have to pay for in the real world, and therefore you can save even more money by shopping and purchasing products online. Additionally, some of these companies offer free shipping on the products that you purchase which means you won’t have to waste your time, or your gas driving to the stores, which means more money in your pocket when you do your shopping online.

In conclusion, the benefits of understanding wholesale versus retail can lead you to finding some of the best deals available on merchandise on the Web. You now know that larger stores are able to purchase products at wholesale prices far less than smaller stores. However, because of the overhead cost involved with running a real-world store, the best deals are going to come from the largest online stores that sell products because that overhead is not there and they can pass the savings onto you.

Sep 20

I’m not the first person to tell you how to spend you money and I won’t be the last. However, I’m only trying to give you information that will help you make decisions! My whole point is to bring up case studies around finance and how certain people buy things for reasons other than necessity. I will be posting the first case study soon!